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On Wednesday, November 30, We Are Wearables announced that this was in fact, the last event. A meet up that grew from an eager techie with a shoebox of gadgets exploded into a community of 120,000 people. The evening was not marked with sadness but...

There are thousands of designers who are trying to carve their name into the fashion landscape, but those who attended this year’s Startup Fashion Week have a leg up on the competition. The world’s only fashion week that focuses on fashion, business, and technology continues...

From winter wonderlands to sweltering summer tents, I have lost count how many weddings I have attended--nay, survived--over the past couple of years. I thought I’d seen it all, runaway grooms, drunken mothers attempting to strip groomsman, and the icing on the cake, a naked...

The future is shaped by the community who foster it, and last week I was proud and honoured to be a part of a community dedicated to shaping the future of fashion. I may not be a designer, a fashion house, a tech startup or a VC, but I am a someone who wants to see emerging designers and fashion-tech startups take on this intense and often challenging industry. Last week Startup Fashion Week (SFW) kicked off for the third time and once again I was thrilled to be there. The highly successful five-day event provides a platform for emerging designers and fashion-tech startups to increase visibility through networking events, conferences, and a prestigious runway show. For those who felt a sense of loss when Toronto Fashion Week announced it’s downfall, SFW became not just the remedy but a solution for championing the success of the Canadian fashion (and tech) industry.
It’s a bird; it’s a plane, nope… It’s a drone! Over the past couple of years, our skies have been infiltrated by crafty little quadcopters. From Amazon testing out their delivery drones to creepy neighbours who hover outside your windows, these futuristic flying machines have taken to the sky. I was first introduced to drones when a friend showed me a racing video on YouTube, and I was instantly hooked. Since watching that video, I have managed to (almost) total two aircrafts. There is a lot to be desired when it comes to my flying skills. However, this does not stop me from enjoying others take flight—I mean, did you watch the Dubai World Racing!? In the future, I hope to be able to handle the hot hot quadcopter heat. In the meantime—while I work on my flight skills—here are some weird and wacky drones. If you can think of a way to use a drone, I guarantee someone has tried it out (or is planning to).
I used to think wearable cameras were only for ripped Australian surfers trying to capture the view from their board, but it turns out there is more to these devices than dudes from down under! GoPros are incredible cameras and can generally take a beating (although I don't suggest testing their limits), but last year at a We Are Wearables event I was introduced to a different type of wearable camera, with a very different purpose in mind. What if you could capture your everyday? Not your trek up Everest or a dive with great whites, but the moments that make up your life. Wearable cameras--like Narrative, MeCam, and iOn--are great tools that allow you to take people on a journey through a unique perspective. As a content creator, I jumped at the chance to film content that could capture real moments. I bought a couple of different cameras and strapped them to friends, family, and even co-workers in an attempt to become the next Scorsese. The footage I was returned was a mixture of epic and utterly nauseating! So, to help you out on your journey I have highlighted five things I wish I'd known about wearable cameras.
Many were left heartbroken by the news of Toronto Fashion Week’s demise last Thursday. But all is not lost. The bi-annual event which highlights the best and most innovative designers, hosts parties galore, and features oh-so-fabulous streets style will hopefully be re-thought, and come back with a vengeance that only Canadians possess. But there is one event that escaped the chopping block in the fashion world, and I was thrilled to see the press release land in my inbox. Startup Fashion Week is back! As the world’s only fashion week to focus on fashion, business, and technology, it is a rare and AMAZING series of events, shows and workshops. Last year I had the opportunity to attend the Future of Fashion Runway Showcase, and I was blown away by the designers and the tech startups involved—I am still obsessed with MAISON CYMA.
Your heart is racing, palms are sweaty, and you can barely contain your excitement. It's one of the biggest television events of the year; Shark Week! While many of your friends are out enjoying the summer sun, Discovery Channel addicts (like myself) are basking in the blue glow of our televisions watching a marathon of toothy, dangerous, yet beautiful creatures. There is nothing that matches these seven days of underwater adrenaline, except maybe a week-long roller coast ride--but I'm not sure my stomach could take that. Actually, on second thought, diving with sharks might just take the cake, but I doubt I will be doing that anytime soon.

This year it's time to make up for that gilded soup can covered in macaroni and glue, and get Dad something he actually wants. Check out the WHT Father's Day Gift Guide for a present that's more exciting than socks.   UDI Drone with Camera: If...

Having a scientist for a father meant that my childhood was injected with some pretty interesting memories. From electrified potato clocks and Van de Graaf generators to Tesla coils and what I vaguely remember as a nitrogen laser, my childhood may not have been as normal as I had once thought. Looking back on my years as a mad scientist’s assistant, I wish that everyone could experience the rush of seeing lightning shoot across their house or watching a solar eclipse through a pinhole projector. It’s the feeling when every cell in your body is electrified—not literally, well once, but it was an accident—and you behold the magic you have created and unleashed into the world. There is nothing like it. There are many who chase this moment. They are the Makers. They are a community of people; young, old, professional, hobbyist, it really doesn’t matter. Their main objective is to create. If you are looking to join this community, I would suggest checking out Maker Festival in Toronto. It’s a month long celebration from June 15th-July 17. The festival includes the Maker Extravaganza where over 100 makers will come together to show off their creations, and over 80 satellite events across Toronto including workshops, meetups, speakers and hackathons.