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On Wednesday, November 30, We Are Wearables announced that this was in fact, the last event. A meet up that grew from an eager techie with a shoebox of gadgets exploded into a community of 120,000 people. The evening was not marked with sadness but...

There are thousands of designers who are trying to carve their name into the fashion landscape, but those who attended this year’s Startup Fashion Week have a leg up on the competition. The world’s only fashion week that focuses on fashion, business, and technology continues...

The future is shaped by the community who foster it, and last week I was proud and honoured to be a part of a community dedicated to shaping the future of fashion. I may not be a designer, a fashion house, a tech startup or a VC, but I am a someone who wants to see emerging designers and fashion-tech startups take on this intense and often challenging industry. Last week Startup Fashion Week (SFW) kicked off for the third time and once again I was thrilled to be there. The highly successful five-day event provides a platform for emerging designers and fashion-tech startups to increase visibility through networking events, conferences, and a prestigious runway show. For those who felt a sense of loss when Toronto Fashion Week announced it’s downfall, SFW became not just the remedy but a solution for championing the success of the Canadian fashion (and tech) industry.
The Toronto International Film Festival isn’t just a celebration of film, but an endurance sport that rivals Iron Man and Tough Mudder. If you want a relaxing night of cinematic delight, TIFF isn’t for you. Get your war paint ready, put on those comfy shoes; this film fest is the Mt. Everest of entertainment (but when you survive, it will all be worth it). Whether you're a TIFF marathon champion or festival freshman here’s a list of survival gear to help you make it to the finish line.
Many were left heartbroken by the news of Toronto Fashion Week’s demise last Thursday. But all is not lost. The bi-annual event which highlights the best and most innovative designers, hosts parties galore, and features oh-so-fabulous streets style will hopefully be re-thought, and come back with a vengeance that only Canadians possess. But there is one event that escaped the chopping block in the fashion world, and I was thrilled to see the press release land in my inbox. Startup Fashion Week is back! As the world’s only fashion week to focus on fashion, business, and technology, it is a rare and AMAZING series of events, shows and workshops. Last year I had the opportunity to attend the Future of Fashion Runway Showcase, and I was blown away by the designers and the tech startups involved—I am still obsessed with MAISON CYMA.
Your heart is racing, palms are sweaty, and you can barely contain your excitement. It's one of the biggest television events of the year; Shark Week! While many of your friends are out enjoying the summer sun, Discovery Channel addicts (like myself) are basking in the blue glow of our televisions watching a marathon of toothy, dangerous, yet beautiful creatures. There is nothing that matches these seven days of underwater adrenaline, except maybe a week-long roller coast ride--but I'm not sure my stomach could take that. Actually, on second thought, diving with sharks might just take the cake, but I doubt I will be doing that anytime soon.
Having a scientist for a father meant that my childhood was injected with some pretty interesting memories. From electrified potato clocks and Van de Graaf generators to Tesla coils and what I vaguely remember as a nitrogen laser, my childhood may not have been as normal as I had once thought. Looking back on my years as a mad scientist’s assistant, I wish that everyone could experience the rush of seeing lightning shoot across their house or watching a solar eclipse through a pinhole projector. It’s the feeling when every cell in your body is electrified—not literally, well once, but it was an accident—and you behold the magic you have created and unleashed into the world. There is nothing like it. There are many who chase this moment. They are the Makers. They are a community of people; young, old, professional, hobbyist, it really doesn’t matter. Their main objective is to create. If you are looking to join this community, I would suggest checking out Maker Festival in Toronto. It’s a month long celebration from June 15th-July 17. The festival includes the Maker Extravaganza where over 100 makers will come together to show off their creations, and over 80 satellite events across Toronto including workshops, meetups, speakers and hackathons.
The first Monday in May is a sacred night to those who worship the fashion gods, and this year was no different. The MET Gala, which is one of the most coveted fashion events of the year partnered with Apple and injected life into an evening of art. The gala, which marks the grand opening of the annual fashion exhibit celebrated fashion in an age of technology. For me, this red carpet event is more thrilling than the Oscars. It is where attendees can really explore fashion as a form of art, rather than just sporting your every day ballgown (well, who doesn't have an everyday ballgown?). On this carpet, you can push the limits, pull out all the stops, and leave gossip sites saying, "WTF was that?" This year did not disappoint. From over-the-suit droid armour to dresses controlled by computers the carpet was home to designs that went to incredible lengths for their craft.
It's more than just fun new gadgets and a haven for nerds, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a peek into the future. In 1970, the VCR debuted and changed the way we watched television. It allowed viewers to time-shift their content, record it and watch it later. When 1996 rolled around the DVD shook the market once again. Every year we are invited to check out the next batch of innovative ideas that could impact how we go about our everyday lives. This year there were over 700 wearables on the showroom floor, proving that wearable technology is the future (whether you like it or not). Virtual reality also continued to be a large part of the event, but I have chosen to save that for another day--I have a couple of playdates set up with a variety of HMDs (head mounted displays) coming up! From major players like Intel and Samsung to a surge of startups showing off prototypes, CES 2016 had innovative tech that had people talking. Check out some of my favourite gadgets and devices from this year's consumer electronics show.
Saturday mornings are usually reserved for sleeping in, but this past weekend I trekked it (not far, I know) to Richmond Hill for the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show. Usually when I prepare for an event I like to make a list of must-sees for myself, so I can avoid being overwhelmed by vendors. Well, I forgot...and I had to go into survival mode and curl up in a corner with the glossy show guide before I began elbowing my way through the crowds. Due to the shows origins in home audio and video there was an extensive amount of vendors showcasing what's new and exciting in that industry. I'm not in the market (yet) for building my ultimate home theatre, so I skipped over these exhibitions. If you are interested in speakers that can blow your socks off, I do recommend checking them out next year. My first stop on my list was a presentation by Marc Saltzman. I managed to weave in and out of guests without seriously hurting myself or damaging precariously perched products. Saltzman a tech journalist, radio host, author, and overall enthusiast hosted a seminar featuring the  Top Tech Trends Worth Getting Excited About. As a tech nerd, I already had an inkling of what he would be covering but I always find it invigorating watching crowds discover what is happening in the industry (so many ahhhhhhs and gasps). Saltzman hit the nail on the head with his list; which I have listed below--although I was hoping he was going to share something completely new like an invisibility cloak or a teleporter.