About - Wet Haute Tech
Find out what Wet Haute Tech is all about. Meet Stephanie Greenall and discover her passion for wearables, virtual reality, iot and fashion tech.
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About Wet Haute Tech

Wet Haute Tech is here to help you navigate new technologies and present them in an accessible way. We are currently living in an era where cyborgs exist and experiencing a new world in a truly immersive state can be done from your living room couch.

Whether it’s a wearable device or the ability to augment our reality, technology will continue to usher in new experiences and for some this may be overwhelming. WHT aims to uncover and demystify the wonderful world of tech!

Find out how you can find a tech-life balance and incorporate the future into your now.

fivars festival of stories
``The Art Challenges the Technology and the Technology Inspires the Art`` - John Lasseter

About the Founder

Stephanie Greenall

She attended the first ever wedding hosted in virtual reality and never leaves home without her FitBit, Stephanie Greenall is constantly seeking out new tech adventures. In 2016, she founded Wet Haute Tech, a website dedicated to discovering technology and examining how our innovations become part of the human experience. Through WHT she has had the opportunity to meet and work with some incredible people.

Devoted to the Toronto tech community, she can regularly be found at We Are Wearables, TorontoVR, GirlGeeksTO, and VRTO. Her latest passion has been dedicated to understanding how our aging population can benefit from virtual reality.

In addition to WHT, she is a regular contributor to NOVO magazine and works as Social Media/PR Branding Strategist.