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Make It Yours – Maker Festival Launch Party

Maker Festival TO Launch Party

Make It Yours – Maker Festival Launch Party

Having a scientist for a father meant that my childhood was injected with some pretty interesting memories. From electrified potato clocks and Van de Graaf generators to Tesla coils and what I vaguely remember as a nitrogen laser, my childhood may not have been as normal as I had once thought.

Looking back on my years as a mad scientist’s assistant, I wish that everyone could experience the rush of seeing lightning shoot across their house or watching a solar eclipse through a pinhole projector. It’s the feeling when every cell in your body is electrified—not literally, well once, but it was an accident—and you behold the magic you have created and unleashed into the world. There is nothing like it.

There are many who chase this moment. They are the Makers. They are a community of people; young, old, professional, hobbyist, it really doesn’t matter. Their main objective is to create.

If you are looking to join this community, I would suggest checking out Maker Festival in Toronto. It’s a month long celebration from June 15th-July 17. The festival includes the Maker Extravaganza where over 100 makers will come together to show off their creations, and over 80 satellite events across Toronto including workshops, meetups, speakers and hackathons.

Maker Festival Toronto Launch Party

Last year’s Maker Fest Launch Party

Unlock your inner maker and start experimenting, hacking, building, and playing with the physical and digital worlds. Make it yours!

To kick off this Month of Making the Centre for Social Innovation and STEAMLabs will be hosting an EPIC launch party on June 15. Fill out the form below and you will be entered to win a pair of tickets to the Make It Yours Launch Party which also includes a pair of drink tickets (must be 19 to enter). It will be an evening of sipping beers, tinkering with technologies, eating pie, mingling with makers, laser cutting, collaging, 3D printing, and more.


  • Tweet the link to the contest through the widget
  • Then copy the link of your tweet into the text box below
  • Winner will be announced Monday June 13, 2016

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Click here to find out more information on the event and to purchase tickets!

It’s important to note that Maker Festival is 100% driven by the passion of volunteers, and if you are interested in helping out the event and community you can support them here!

I’m stoked to be attending this event and I am always happy to chat. Come find me on June 15 at Make It Yours!

In anticipation of the event check out last year’s launch party below.

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